Customer Experience: Predicting the Unpredictable menu

Customer Experience: Predicting the Unpredictable


The trends and innovations that are changing the customer experience (CX) today are constantly evolving. Massive paradigm shifts in consumer behaviors continue to unfold in ways that make them difficult to predict. But one thing is certain: customers are looking for personalized and engaging experiences that are tailored to their needs. In 2022, the race […] קרא עוד >>

Digital transformation: Bringing CX’s growth visions to life


As digital transformation and automation reshape our expectations for growth in 2022, business leaders are looking beyond the horizon to drive strategic growth agendas in the post-COVID era. Much of the past year has been focused on reacting to short-term disruption, plugging holes and weathering the storm. With some light at the end of the […] קרא עוד >>

The road to success: Managing the customer experience in real time


The ability to act quickly has become a critical indicator of business success. Discover three key pathways to growth driven by real-time customer experience. In sales, it is well known that calling a potential customer in the first 5 minutes after they have shown interest in a product increases the likelihood of a sale, while […] קרא עוד >>

The new creativity in a data-driven marketing world


Despite trends of leading marketers to place data on a pedestal above all else, high-quality creativity continues to lead brand strategies. A Nielsen report revealed that good creativity remains the most important factor in predicting campaign success: it is responsible for 47% of sales lift, ahead of reach (22%), branding (15%), and segmentation (9%). Undoubtedly, […] קרא עוד >>

In 2022, customer experience is personal, hybrid and based on trust


Companies of all sizes faced many challenges in 2021, including increased privacy-related regulations and accelerating digital transformation timelines demanded by new consumer behaviors and expectations. Now in 2022, brands that want to convert customers into loyal fans will need to find ways to deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences while respecting their data privacy preferences. Trust […] קרא עוד >>

Crossborder ecommerce: Breaking the boundaries


If your strategic business objectives include, marketing your products in markets other than your home market by leveraging technology and online commerce, this article is of your interest. Today’s customers are willing to look beyond their own frontiers for the product they want, due to the limited supply in their own markets, as well as […] קרא עוד >>

Differences between Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics that not everyone knows (part 1)

During any process of adoption of digital analytics systems it becomes inevitable the comparison between 2 solutions that, despite having similar names, differ radically both for their logic and their functionalities. During this post we will point out the main differences to facilitate the decision on which one to use based on the objectives and […] קרא עוד >>

Differences between Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics that not everyone knows (part 2)


Continuing with this topic, I recommend that if you have not read the first part, read it here before continuing reading this content. In this installment, we moved on to discuss other aspects of digital analytics such as the differences at the Tag Management Systems (TMS) level, its dataLayer and reporting functionalities and understanding customer […] קרא עוד >>

Are you a pioneer or a survivor of the pace of marketing change?


The business benefits of good design are no longer up for debate. קרא עוד >>

The Marketer’s Dilemma: Balancing personalization and privacy to deliver trusted customer experiences


Trust is the balance between personalization and privacy. Without trust, our customers’ privacy concerns increase. 90% of executives say that privacy is a fundamental part of the customer experience. A similar proportion of customers are willing to leave if their privacy is not respected. Similarly, trust – backed by informed consent – is the only […] קרא עוד >>