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How to Meet the New Expectations of B2B Customers in a Self-Service World


The changing dynamics of B2B commerce, have reflected a need for accelerated adaptation to industry expectations and needs. It is no lie that digital transformation has not only been accelerated by the pandemic, but has been constantly evolving for several years. Specifically in the B2B model, customers today demand more and more digital interactions, similar […] קרא עוד >>

The new digital trends in retail: The importance of digital agility, technology and personalization amid disruption


This year’s trends show that meeting changing customer needs and personalization at scale are more important than ever. Volatility in the industry, shows how retailers are dealing with disruption and the value of IT agility and its underlying technology investments. “Fifty-three percent of retailers expect demands on their organizations’ digital experience to accelerate beyond what […] קרא עוד >>

Evolving digital transformation: Bringing CX’s growth visions to life


As digital transformation and automation reshape our expectations for growth, business leaders are looking beyond the horizon to drive strategic growth agendas in the post-COVID era. Much of the past year has been focused on reacting to short-term disruption, plugging holes and weathering the storm. With some light at the end of the tunnel, business […] קרא עוד >>